Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WNYU Party/Concert! October 22!

Hey all,

We're putting on a big show next Thursday the 22nd of October. It's going to be at Market Hotel, under the Myrtle-Broadway JMZ stop (really convenient to the Lower East Side where I know you will all be for CMJ!) Here's all the info:


Gary War
::Eric Copeland
::::Amen Dunes
::::::Expo '70
::::::::Fluffy Lumbers
with DJs: Mike McGill and Mr A*Ok


If you don't have any other plans that night, I'd recommend kicking things off at the new Brooklyn branch of the Beauty Bar (around the corner) or some weird basement Karaoke spot I heard about once that's also close.
We'll have tshirts and fun other WNYU swag.
See you there!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Guest DJ Teddy King on A Downtown Affair


Last week on the show we had Teddy King of Boundless NY in the studio for a special guest set. A former employee of 21st Century Music in NJ, Teddy brought through a fantastic set of classics and rarities. Gotta appreciate the caller that was getting all misty over the Barrabas track! Be sure to check out the end of part 2 for Teddy's rundown of the tracks he played.

Audio available at LET'S GET SERIOUS

Mojoba "Disco Music" (Polydor) 7"
Del Richardson "Rainbows (Jazz Mix)" (Joy Spring) 12"
Rumple-Stilts-Skin "I Think I Wanna Dance With You" (Heat) 12"
Deodato "Keep On Movin (Remix)" (Wb) 12"
Donald Byrd "Love Has Come Around" (Elektra) 12"
Oneness of Juju "Every Way But Loose" (Black Fire) LP
Miami "Party Freak" (Drive) LP
Hamilton Bohannon "Me And The Gang" (Mercury) 12"
Loose Joints "Is It All Over My Face (Masters At Work Remix)" (West End) 12"
GQ "Disco Nights (Rock Freak)" (Arista) 12"
Chic "Dance Dance Dance" (Buddah) 12"
Carrie Lucas "Dance With You" (Solar) 12"
Nick Straker "A Little Bit Of Jazz" (Prelude) 12"
Manzel "Space Funk " (Test Press)
Cosmic Force "Chocolate Starfish" (Truth and Soul) 12"
Disco Dub Band "Disco Dub" (J.D.) 12"
Barrabas "Woman Wild Safari" (RCA) 12"
Lafayette Street "Can You Dig It" (Groove Sound) 12"
Universe City "Can You Get Down?" (Midland Int'l) LP
Marboo "What About Love" (Midland Int'l) 12"
Impact "Rainy Days, Stormy Nights" (Fantasy) 12"
Nolani Cypriano "Lihue" (Hanaola) LP

Part 2: Tackleberry

Starshine "All I Need Is You (Inst)" (Prelude) 12"
Sa'bata "How Do You Like Your Music" (Barsonel) 12"
Kim Tolliver "Party Lights" (Tayster) 12"
Surface "Falling in Love" (Salsoul) 12"
The Strikers "Body Music" (Prelude) 12"
- "Dancin'" (Truth Is Light) 12"
Sargeant & Malone "Love Message" (Half Moon) 12"

Next week, Asaf of 100 Limousines will be joining us for a special guest set. Tune in Friday at 10:30pm. More information available at the program website for A Downtown Affair.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Famous Class Show Tomorrow @ LPR!

Famous Class Records bringing their Brooklyn DIY stylings to Le Poisson Rouge for the firstfirstfirst time, with WNYU's own DJ Mr. A*OK. These dudes have been playing tons of shows lately and getting love from places like the Village Voice, The New York Times and NYPress. Catch 'em on the way up.

Snakes Say Hiss
Boogie Boarder
(the) Tony Castles
Mr. A*OK


Get tickets here

Check out Famous Class and archives of Mr. A*OK's show RADIOK.